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Our Substitutes Green initiative aims to replace existing plastic packaging and inserts with sustainable alternatives. As a pioneer in the industry, we have long been developing solutions made from natural raw materials that set new standards.

Our ingenious concepts range from recyclable trays to biodegradable bags. It goes without saying that the high practical requirements of your products are met with a great deal of expertise and a love of experimentation.

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Sustainability at SCHELLING

We actively protect the environment and exceed the legal requirements concerning the environment as well as health and safety. We procure our raw materials in harmony with nature and the society in which we live. All our locations use 100 % green electricity from sustainable hydropower. We also have electric charging stations at all locations, which can be used free of charge by our customers and partners. At some locations, we also store rainwater, e.g. for flushing toilets. And further sustainability projects are under development.

CO2 compensation

Carbon offsetting for you

We offer you the opportunity to sustainably offset the CO₂ emissions generated during the manufacture of your product solution. To this end, we are working with myclimate, whose climate protection projects comply with the highest standards (CDM, Gold Standard, Plan Vivo) and very strict criteria. Together, we are reducing greenhouse gases and are demonstrably making a positive contribution to climate protection locally and regionally. In recent years, we have continuously reduced CO₂ emissions per tonne of products sold.

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Our e³ quality label

With our e³ quality label, we optimise your overall process costs. From the manufacture of your product solutions to storage and transport to installation at the POS, we reconcile cost-effectiveness (economy), sustainability (ecology) and efficiency. We do this with groundbreaking packaging concepts, innovative technologies and automated production processes. The savings in material, weight and transport volume of our e³ certified solutions thus protect the environment and your expenses.

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