Protzek is an established German biotechnology company specialising in the development of complete solutions for mobile analysis systems. Its products are designed for fast, easy and patient-oriented screening of drugs and medication in various sampling materials and can be easily tailored to individual customer requirements. Protzek is committed to developing products that inflict as little harm as possible on our environment and contribute to a healthier, cleaner and safer world. This is why they have optimised their manufacturing process and reduced waste of resources.

Together with Birkhäuser+GBC AG, Protzek developed the innovative and sustainable “GreenCheck” rapid drug test. Based on a cardboard carrier structure, “GreenCheck” offers an environmentally-friendly and recyclable solution in the field of rapid drug tests. This new development achieves a reduction in the proportion of plastic by more than 95% compared to conventional plastic screening tests and significantly reduces the environmental impact of the product.

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