Since this year, SCHELLING AG and its subsidiary Birkhäuser+GBC AG have offered a sustainable solution in the field of flexible packaging. To protect the environment, the organic bags are made from completely natural raw materials. They meet the high requirements for contact with food and protect the product while conserving environmental resources.

In accordance with the company’s own e3 quality label, (ECONOMY x ECOLOGY x EFFICIENCY), this innovation offers considerable advantages in terms of economy, ecology and efficiency. Thanks to optimum barrier properties and a high level of stability, the completely biodegradable pouches are an efficient replacement for commercially available plastic materials.

The organic bags are currently available in two different material variants. The first is a composite of kraft paper with a bio-polymer-based polylactic acid film, which has excellent aroma and grease barrier properties and can be sealed at low temperatures. The second is a sustainable, single-layer special paper with a grease and mineral oil barrier, which is ideal for heat sealing.

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