Outstanding packaging systems from SCHELLING AG

Our quality label for packaging, displays and logistics solutions that will pay dividends – for business, and for the environment as well.


ECONOMY Cost savings from pioneering packaging systems deliver a significant competitive advantage to users in the market.

ECOLOGY Economic use of resources, reduced transport volumes, energy efficient and environmentally friendly production and full recyclability.

EFFICIENCY Thanks to innovative construction and automatic erection which is integrated into the production process, the required packaging is produced just-in-time.

Optimizing overall process costs

The market wants creative packaging solutions that do the job with far fewer materials and less weight – but there is also growing demand for integrated packaging systems Automation is key when it comes to optimizing overall process costs.

SCHELLING also offers erecting systems that have been developed in-house. They integrate seamlessly into existing production processes and working procedures, so − for example – our packaging products (which are delivered flat) can be automatically erected and glued in the desired quantities on a just-in-time basis.

Packaging solutions and displays that carry the e³ quality label offer savings on materials, weight and transport volumes – so the environment is protected (thanks to lower CO2 emissions) and our customers also feel the difference in their wallets!