Shipping concept for Lasercut
Winning category: Technology

The packaging concept for Lasercut was specially developed for shipping high-quality precision parts. The unusual thing about this packaging solution is that the four different primary packages can be stored in any combination in a special wrapper suspended in the outer packaging, so that the precision parts are extraordinarily well protected from damage during shipping. The ingenious design means that the contents can be packed in a wide variety of ways to suit different needs.

Chocolate bars packaging for Läderach
Winning category: Design

With its first chocolate in bar form, Läderach invites the consumer to indulge in a world-class taste experience. The chocolate is presented in our high-quality sliding packaging made of solid cardboard. The special texture of the packaging is immediately noticeable at first touch, and the delicate line embossing completely encircles the lower slider. Visually, the text elements embossed in gold foil enhance the appearance of the packaging and contribute to the positioning of the chocolate as a luxury product.

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