The association Pro Innerstadt Basel was founded in 1978 and has around 500 members. The aim is to work together to preserve and promote the city of Basel as the most attractive and largest shopping, trade and service centre in the region. The Pro Innerstadt gift voucher is Basel’s most popular gift. Buyers of a Pro Innerstadt voucher worth CHF 200 or more in the voucher shop currently receive one of two exclusive, limited-edition jigsaw puzzles. By doing this, they not only support the city’s wide range of culinary delights and experiences, but also have a lot of fun.

With the wonderful Pro Innerstadt Basel “LoveYourCity” jigsaw puzzles, Birkhäuser presents a selection of what is possible in this diverse company. The pouch and its contents were completely manufactured by Birkhäuser+GBC AG, showcasing the optimum combination of digital and conventional production technologies. The lovingly designed set consists of two versions each with a pouch, puzzle and postcards and stirs up a great deal of emotion – not only among Basel residents. Both the proven offset printing process and the innovative nanography of our Landa S10 were used in the production.

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