Olio Puro olive oil comes from the olive trees around the Masseria Torre Abate Risi in Puglia. Some of the imposing olive trees have been enjoying the sun, the warm climate and the incomparable landscape for thousands of years. The result is an exclusive production of 2,000 bottles of the best olive oil per season, which has been awarded the “Extravergine” seal of quality for the highest quality class. The cold pressing preserves the incomparable taste and also the valuable ingredients. Olio Puro Extravergine is a true all-rounder among foodstuffs, whose positive effects on our health are manifold.

For the exclusive olive oil, Olio Puro relies on our convertible shipping packaging made from corrugated cardboard. Thanks to its ingenious construction, the insert can be used charmingly in a flexible manner for different numbers of bottles. The stylishly printed and finished packaging reflects the design of the bottle and reliably protects the high-quality product from transport damage. The lock also comes with an integrated tamper-proofing feature.

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