• December 17, 2015


    The jurors of the Promotional Gift Award 2016 gave “The Christmas gherkin” an award in the “Special Design” category. In the words of the jury, “the product is outstanding and fully deserves the award”.

    “The Christmas gherkin” is part of an old German tradition and with this gift, we – priding ourselves on being a traditional company – wanted to familiarize our customers with it.

    Designed to be a Christmas present, the gift box contains the following products from the  Birkhäuser company:

    Block bottom bags
    Weboffset, in 3 colours + partial varnish


    Material: Procuverto FSC mix 90 g/m²

    Sheet-fed offset, in 7 colours + dispersion varnish


    Material: Invercote 380 g/m²

    Digital print, in 4 colours + gloss varnish


    Material: Acquerello Ultra WS 110 g/m²

    Paper roll
    Digital print, in 4 colours


    Material: Straw paper Paglia 100 g/m²

    Christmas Story
    Sheet-fed offset,  in 6 colours


    Material: Straw paper Paglia 100 g/m²

    Christmas card
    Sheet-fed offset, in 4 colours


    Material: Straw paper Paglia 250 g/m²

    Address label
    digital print, in 1 colour


    Material: Self-adhesive labelAntique 90 g/m²



    Other contents:


    Christmas gherkin
    Made of glass (hand-blown)

    Supplier: Dekomat AG, CH – Kefikon

    Perga p. C5, sea green


    We are very proud indeed of our product and the award it has won. It underlines the creativity and versatility of our company.

  • September 11, 2015


    Winning in the Marketing category of the Swiss Packaging Awards as well as also being nominated in the Sustainability category underline both the innovative strength and the creativity of SCHELLING AG.

    We would like to introduce both products to you in more detail:




  • July 20, 2015


    "Pakkt an! Lasst seinen corpus posteriorum fallen auf diesen nassen Schwamm, bis triefen beide Ballen. Der durstgen Seele gebt ein Sturzbad oben-drauff, das ist dem Sohne Gutenbergs die beste Tauff."

    With these words, the master of ducking Robert Boss initiated the newly qualified pre-press specialists Ginny Pennesi, Svenja Schnell, Jason Hess and print technologist Nadine Walther.

    “Gautschen” is an old printing custom that can be traced back to the 16th century in which an apprentice is ducked into a tub of water and/or is made to sit on a wet sponge as part of an initiation ceremony after having passed their final examinations. The term “gautschen” originally referred to the first step in dewatering in paper-making, i.e. the couching or transferring of the freshly made sheet of paper from the screen onto a piece of felt.



    Pictured from left to right are:
    Print technologist Nadine Walther, pre-press specialists Ginny Pennesi, Jason Hess and Svenja Schnell, along with the master of ducking Robert Boss.


    We would like to sincerely congratulate our newly initiated colleagues on passing their final examinations, and wish them all the best and much success in their career.

  • May 29, 2015


    The LC Basel hosted the 52nd Birkhäuser + GBC Susanne Meier Memorial on Whit Monday, 25 May 2015. Despite the changeable weather, the first major competition of the new athletics season attracted many national figures to the Schützenmatte in Basel.

    The fastest man in Switzerland, Alex Wilson (Old Boys Basel), wanted to generate positive headlines again after the relay debacle. And with 10.43 and 10.36 he managed this with bravura.

    In her main discipline, the reigning European indoor champion over 400 m, Selina Büchel (KTV Bütschwil), produced a magnificent final spurt, storming past the competition to improve her personal best time by 2 hundredths of a second to 54.76 seconds.

    The spectators of the women’s 400 m hurdles final were given a treat. Lea Sprunger (COVA Nyon)
    won it in 57.47 seconds, finishing just 6 hundredths of a second in front of the defending champion Petra Fontanive (LAC TV Unterstrass).

    In the technical disciplines, the 17-year-young pole vaulter Angelica Moser (LC Zurich) provided the day's highlight. She bettered her own Swiss U20 record by 5 cm with a height of 4.41 m.

    Luca Flück (LC Kirchberg), Joaquim Jaeder (Stade Genève) and Mattia Tajana (GAB Bellinzona) are also worthy of mention, having qualified for the U20 European Championships in Eskilstuna .

    At the regional level, we were delighted for Ryan Wyss (LC Fortuna Oberbaselbiet) who qualified for the European Youth Olympic Summer Festival (EYOF) in Tiflis, Georgia. One of the most promising middle-distance talents, he caused quite a stir when he finished his first 400 m run of the season in 49.87 seconds.

    Ranking list from the 52nd Susanne Meier Memorial as a PDF file

    Report from swiss athletics:

    Picture gallery by athletix.ch:


    Some impressions

  • April 28, 2015

    THE GC-CUP 2015

    "This great tournament will take place again next year!" With this statement at the prize-giving ceremony, Beat Schelling, one of the main sponsors, brought the GC-Cup 2015 to a successful close. From 13 to 19 April 2015, the world's top squash players duelled it out. No fewer than 6 of the top 10 players competed against each other on an impressive all-glass Courtwall court in the middle of the old foundry hall at Puls 5.

    The qualifying matches, which were held during the first three days, also provided top-level squash. Unfortunately, none of the 4 Swiss players managed to qualify, much to the home crowd’s disappointment. Hopes were riding on local favourite Reiko Peter and Switzerland’s number 1 player Nicolas Müller. Reiko Peter lost to the subsequent finalist Simon Rösler in what was a thrilling game. In his first match, Nicolas Müller came up against the reigning world champion Ramy Ashour, and lost 2-3 after a long 70 minutes of play.

    With the top Swiss players knocked out at an early stage of the tournament, the public loudly and enthusiastically supported the remaining players, who put in top performances, creating a super atmosphere. They delivered top-quality squash – which is the best advert for the sport. And this was also shown by the growing media presence at the event. Not to mention Sportpanorama’s coverage on Sunday, 19 April 2015 on SRF2 (http://goo.gl/zBJ9J5)

    Back to the tournament. Simon Rösler, who won against Reiko Peter, came away as the victor in the quarter final against the qualifier Saurav Ghosal, and defeated the former world champion Omar Mossad in the longest match of the tournament lasting 93 minutes.

    The other finalist Gregory Gaultier eliminated first Daryl Selby and then in the semi-final the number three ranked Miguel Rodriquez.

    The final on Sunday was over in just 43 minutes, with Gregory Gaultier beating a tired-looking Simon Rösler 11-8, 11-3, 11-9. The Frenchman was overjoyed at winning the tournament supremely.

    After such a riveting tournament and following the main sponsors’ pledge, we are already looking forward to the next GC-CUP 2016.

  • January 27, 2015


    The new block bottom bag making machine has been standing in our big machine park since December 2014:
    The name of the “new kid on the block” is the GARANT TRIUMPH 2B / SERVO.

    With this solution, we offer you a unique in-house opportunity to obtain block bottom bags that are made in Switzerland, printed using either offset or flexo printing, as well as shaped and packed directly in a BRC/IoP-compliant environment.





    With an additional feeding unit, we can also produce multilayer bags for optimal aroma preservation. The window die permits windows and panels to be incorporated.

    Block bottom bags represent an important market for Birkhäuser+GBC AG and therefore a logical step for our company. We have been supplying a large number of mills in Switzerland in the cereal, tea and sugar sectors for many years now.

    Of course, we are also happy to supply the accompanying labels. Whether offset, flexo or screen printing, whatever your requirements we have the right product for you.


    Size range   Bag widhts        70 - 230 mm

    Cut-off lengths  200 - 470 mm

    Bottom widths       40 - 140 mm

    Performance   Bags/minute       max. 300 Ex.