1876 Establishment of Langenbach AG, Lenzburg (relocated to new building in  Schafisheim in 1993)
1896 Establishment of Huber + Anacker AG, Aarau (merged with Trüb-Sauerländer AG and Wassermann AG to form REGIA HighPack AG in 2004, and relocated to new building in Oensingen)
1918 Establishment of Lande AG, Zurich (relocated to new building in Rupperswil in 1967)
1994 Establishment of sales office Langenbach GmbH in Hanau
2001 Acquisition of Langenbach AG by Lande AG
2008 Acquisition of Regia HighPack AG by Lande AG
2009 SCHELLING AG, with headquarters in Rupperswil, is created from these traditional and well-established companies.
The operations in Schafisheim and Oensingen are turned into branches
The sales office in Hanau is renamed SCHELLING GmbH
2014 SCHELLING AG acquires Birkhäuser+GBC AG, a company based in Reinach, BL, established in 1879 and rich in tradition.
2018 SCHELLING AG acquires R&S Display GmbH & Co. KG, a company based in    Hanau (D).
2021 The Hanau locations are renamed SCHELLING Vertriebs GmbH and SCHELLING GmbH & Co. KG.